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Customized furnishing allows you to personalize your living space by choosing the color, size, and texture of your furniture. It creates a functional and practical living space that’s unique to your style and needs. This type of furnishing maximizes space in your home by tailoring furniture to fit specific room layouts. There are a wide variety of customization options, including the type of wood, hardware and fabrics. You can work with a furniture maker or designer to ensure your customized pieces are of the highest quality, guaranteed to last.

Have you ever felt like something is missing from your living space? Perhaps a furniture piece that doesn’t quite fit or a color scheme that feels off? 

Customized furnishing offers a solution that will transform your living space into the space you’ve always wanted. With the flexibility to choose the colour, size, and texture of your furniture, you can create a living space that perfectly reflects your style and personality. By maximising space in your home, you can ensure that all your furniture fits like a glove, providing functionality and practicality. When it comes to customisation options, the sky is the limit. From the type of wood, hardware, and fabrics used, every detail can be tailored to your specific needs and preferences. With the help of a furniture maker or designer, you can rest assured that your customised pieces will be of the highest quality. You’ll have unique, long-lasting furniture that will stand the test of time.

Jai Ambe Furnishing is a one-stop shop

Customized Furnishing Services includes:

• Customized Sofa Sets
• Household Mattresses
• Wallpapers
• Office Window Treatments
• All types of chairs, including office, café, bar and restaurant chairs, as well as home chairs
• Personalized Glass Door Films
• Finguard India
• Sofa Repair
• Curtains, such as blackout, floral & so on.
• Medical Mattresses
• Artificial/Synthetic Grass
• Personalized Glass Door Films
• Personalized Mosquito Net
• Personalized Invisible Net
• Personalized Bird Net
• Plywood

We have a strong presence in most parts of the Thane region, and we have also delivered in key areas of Mumbai, such as Powai, Goregaon, and Fort. We have expanded our services to include individual clients, corporations, andeducational institutions. Our core business stems from our values, which include providing the most appropriate solution based on our clients’ needs and thus living up to their expectations.We thrive on our customers’ product satisfaction, and we hope to deliver and maintain the growing quality of service that we promise.

Customized product at the most reasonable price and with the guarantee is our expertise lies in providing the highest quality that any customer expects. Our low prices are due to the fact that we have vertically integrated our business by also dealing in the supply of raw materials such as foam used in furnishing products, which has reduced costs and thus benefited our customers.

We have repeatedly served our loyal customers and have always been able to impress them with the Customized services we provide.

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