Invisible Safety Grill

An Invisible Safety Grill, also known as an Invisible Grille or Window Grille. Invisible Safety Grill is a solution, which provide safety, security and aesthetics. It can be installed on every style of building structures or metal frames can be personalized accordingly. The cables are madeup of SS 316 stainless steel with nylon coating. Invisible Safety Grill is capable of supporting tensile and helps in keeping children, pet and grand people safe.

This Invisible Safety Grill is innovatively designed to seamlessly blend with the outdoor walls and the surroundings. You will miss out their presence at first sight. Unlike traditional metal or iron grilles, invisible safety grilles are typically made of transparent or nearly transparent materials, such as stainless steel cables or tempered glass. After straining your eyes on them you would be able to view them. It is also available for windows to provide you with maximum safety without disrupting the aesthetic value and design of your room. The invisible grill silently provides safety and security to your house without actually showing off its presence, and only proves its prowess when an adversary strikes.

Here are some key features and benefits of invisible safety grilles:


This are designed to be transparent or barely visible, allowing natural light to pass through and maintaining an unobstructed view of the surroundings.


Despite their transparency, invisible grilles are strong and durable, making them an effective security solution to prevent unauthorized access through windows or balconies.

Aesthetic appeal:

Invisible grilles are designed to blend seamlessly with the architecture and design of the building, preserving its aesthetic appeal.


Invisible grilles allows proper ventilation, ensuring that fresh air can flow freely into the interior spaces.

Easy maintenance of Invisible Safety Grill:

It is easy to clean and maintain compared to traditional grilles, which can accumulate dust and require regular painting.

Child safety:

It is often used in homes with young children to prevent them from accidentally falling off balconies or climbing out of windows.


It can be customized to fit various window and balcony sizes and shapes, making them suitable for a wide range of architectural designs.

Weather resistance:

Depending on the materials used, invisible safety grilles can be resistant to weather and corrosion, ensuring their long-term durability.

It’s important to note that the specific features and materials used in invisible safety grilles may vary depending on the manufacturer and the intended application.

Key Features:

1. Anti Dust
2. Unblocked View
3. Safety
4. Anti Bird Net
5. No Maintenance
6. Allowed In All Building Premises
premium Quality
choice of shades
as per suit
easy installation

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