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A finger guard is a safety device that is designed to protect the fingers from getting injured. Finger guards are commonly used at Day Care, Play School, Pre-Primary School, Primary School and at Home & Tutions were especially little kids are found. These guards are made from high-quality materials like plastic or metal and are designed to fit snugly over the fingers, preventing them from their hands in middle of the doors and can be hurt in anyway from the doors. Finger guard's is used at the doors, to prevent it from sudden closing by wind aur any other way that can harm litte finger. This keep our little finger's hand safe form sudden accidents and from broken. It is an essential part of maintaining a safe place, especially for Kids area, age between 0-7 years. This help elders to keep calm as they don't have to worry much for it as our product Finguard India is the best seller ever. Many of the schools had tied up with us. Now its your time to get ready and just put a call or contact us for you Child Safety with Finguard India.

Below is our Finger Guard product description:

Product Description:

Model Finguard HS 90 and Finguard HS180

PREVENTS INJURIES: Covers the door hinge and keeps your
hand and fingers from becoming trapped in the hinges as the door
closes, gently pushing little fingers out. Amputations and broken
bones are avoided.

BENEFIT: Covers the entire gap on the hinge side where fingers are
frequently caught.

Model Finguard LS (Lock Side)

PREVENTS INJURIES: The automated system creates a gap
between the door and the frame on the lock side of the door,
preventing fingers from becoming trapped in the lock.

BENEFIT: It has an automatic system that allows it to take its
position once a door is opened (opened or closed). As a result, even
if the person forgets, FINGUARD LS will continue to function.

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